Spider-Man Surprises Unsuspecting Starbucks Customers

Meeting Spider-Man would be extremely exciting, but you probably wouldn’t expect him to just be at your local Starbucks, picking up some coffee on his way to a meeting with The Avengers. He’s supposed to catch you as you fly through the air after an attack from the Green Goblin. Then you’re already screaming, unlike all these people who were calmly waiting for a caffeinated beverage before their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man dropped out of the ceiling.

That’s when they started screaming:

(h/t:distractify / Sony Pictures)

The prank was set up to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that’s not Tom Holland in the suit. Though Holland is admirably lithe and able, he is not a professional stunt-man, unlike Chris Silcox, who is usually the body inside the suit. His account isn’t verified, but some guy named Chris Silcox on Instagram sure loves dressing up as Spidey and running around town, so I’m fairly certain this is him

Mashable interviewed Silcox and the ad group that came up with the idea—they had to find a Starbucks with high ceilings so they could build a false one for Silcox to crouch in, then tie him up in a harness to await his targets. It’s actually kind of nerve-wracking to watch. While some people are thrilled to meet a Marvel super hero, enough people screamed that I was a little afraid Spider-Man would get a cup of hot coffee in the face.

Silcox said the best part was, of course, the kids:

“When a very bright upside-down superhero appears out of no where, what do you do? Little kids seemed to take to Spider-Man best, which was funny! [They thought,] ‘Of course Spidey’s here … Why wouldn’t he be here to grab a Cap’n Crunch Frappuccino?! It’s hot out!’ Plus, if a mocha latte was thrown at me, the amazing baristas working with us — who were actually working and gave every single person we surprised a drink and a smile — would have helped me clean my Tony Stark suit in a jiffy.”

This whole thing definitely made me excited for Spider-Man the film, and also for an absolutely enormous cup of coffee. I mean, who knows who I’ll meet?

Russian Lara Croft Cosplayer Ended Up In A Grip Of A Massive Bear

You have already met Stepan the Bear, the big and good bear that is already world famous. This is making him one of the most desirable animal for photo shoots these days, he is full at work and has a little of his own free time. Captain Irachka as Lara Croft cosplay ends up with Stepan Watch what happened in the jungle.

However he still enjoys it a lot and this time he enjoyed it even more as the photo shoot was with the cosplayer is Captain Irachka, who worked with photographer Irina Pirogova to get these perfectly fear-inducing shots.

More info: Instagram, Facebook (h/t: slavforum)

The picture above is the final work after Photoshop editing, looks pretty nice!

lara croft cosplay



lara croft cosplay




Irina is famous as well, she is known for he shots of beautiful women posing in dangerous scenes as after all she reenacts game and movie heroines.




Stepan is very used to modelling with lovely women such as irina, in facts he is so used he was confused when his co-star on this photoshoot was trying to run away from him (for the sake of Tomb Rider shoot).


 No need to say, this is not recommended because there are no other bears such as Stepan, so don’t try this at home or your local forest!

Huge Army Tank Break Wall in Dubai Mall

A video showing a tank ripping through a wall in Dubai Mall has left residents stunned

Dubai: A video that has been circulating among UAE residents has left viewers in awe, as a tank was recorded smashing through a wall in Dubai Mall.

However, the footage did not cause any damage as it seems to have been part of a stage production.

The video was posted online on Wednesday December 14, 2016, and the tank was also recorded driving along Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard with a police escort.

While social media users debated on why the tank was being filmed at Dubai Mall, it was actually part of the British car show The Grand Tour, which includes Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (aka ex-Top Gear people).

The Dubai Mall shoot forms part the finale of their new show and fans were invited to take part.

Having travelled around the world — from Johannesburg to California and Rotterdam, with Stuttgart, Scotland and Nashville — the show came to the UAE when the hosts pitched a tent at the foot of the iconic Burj Khalifa tower.

Mini Spaghetti – I am sure you have never seen such a video

Youtube artist Baron is famous for its unique style of cooking food. But he is not some regular chef, he cooks dishes that might not fulfil your appetite but surely will fulfil your eyes. Baron masters the art of minimizing the real size items into tiny size, tiny enough that it’s hard to see. In the below video watch one of his most view Mini Spaghetti video.

Source : Walking With Giants

Visit Jay Baron Youtube page and appreciate this talented artist.

Mini Spaghetti

Man catapulted across Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

A Facebook video appearing to show a man catapulted from the roof of a tower in JLT has sparked fierce debate about its legitimacy.

Posted by Zayna Al-Hamarneh, it is a short clip but packs in plenty of action.

Starting with a view from a helipad seemingly opposite Dubai Marina Mall, the camera pans back to show a man already harnessed into a chair attached to a pulley system. Slowly, he is winched backwards before a series of beeps countdown until he is released.

Source: Timeout Dubai


Man Risk his life to Save a Kitten from Highway

A Man Risk his own life to save a poor kitten that had tumbled out of a moving car on a busy Russian highway.

The original video was published on russian social networking site www.vk.com

The kitten fell from SUV


This Truck almost hit the footpath to save the kitten 


Finally after more than 3 minutes this brave man saved the kitten