VFX Breakdown | CHIATAI’s Fertilizer TVC

Check out this revealing VFX breakdown showing the techniques used to create “CHIATAI’s Fertilizer TVC” spot by Yggdrazil Group, Thailand.

VFX Breakdown

Final Commercial


CG Supervisor
Sarut Tubloy
Adam Abdularee

Modeling & Texturing
Prasert Suttikamolsakul
Kawin Paopooree
Theerasak Nathasiri
Kreingkrai Sangpet

Setup & Rigging
Pachara Foophow
Nantiphat Phae-ngam

Chanon Klorate
Pachara Foophow
Tanawat Kuntanawong
Peerapong Pipatpan

Fur & Muscle Simulation
Kreethapol Chainitikul
Chanon Seechompoo

CG Producer
Nutcha Kaewnammitra

FX Simulation
Tongpanyaluk Wongpanyajarern

Lighting & Look Development
Nattapong Wijitsoontornkul

Roto & Cleanplate
Prajak Suya
Kanin Mitkul
Nunticha Laosakul
Thanitsak Chatpreechapirom

Adam Abdularee
Varoon Pumisirichareon
Gunpong Benjanuvat
Rapeepong Mahaveeravat
Siwapong Mongkolpiam
Warachat Khamfun

Jungle Book VFX Breakdown by Walt Disney [Video]

Check out the amazing VFX breakdown for the new Walt Disney blockbuster movie The Jungle Book. Directed by Jon Favreau featuring Neel Sethi as Mowgli.

All the VFX was done by MPC. One of the global leaders in VFX for over 25 years.

The latest technology and craft puts a boy filmed in Los Angeles into a jungle world of animal co-stars created by artists at MPC

About The Jungle Book (IMDB)

Disney’s The Jungle Book puts viewers alongside the film’s central character Mowgli in a photo-real computer generated world.  Part live action film, part animated feature, part virtual experience, audiences of all ages will feel what it’s like to walk and talk with animals in their jungle home.

Director: Jon Favreau

Source: Filmisnow