Russian Lara Croft Cosplayer Ended Up In A Grip Of A Massive Bear

lara croft cosplay

You have already met Stepan the Bear, the big and good bear that is already world famous. This is making him one of the most desirable animal for photo shoots these days, he is full at work and has a little of his own free time. Captain Irachka as Lara Croft cosplay ends up with Stepan Watch what happened in the jungle.

However he still enjoys it a lot and this time he enjoyed it even more as the photo shoot was with the cosplayer is Captain Irachka, who worked with photographer Irina Pirogova to get these perfectly fear-inducing shots.

More info: Instagram, Facebook (h/t: slavforum)

The picture above is the final work after Photoshop editing, looks pretty nice!

lara croft cosplay



lara croft cosplay




Irina is famous as well, she is known for he shots of beautiful women posing in dangerous scenes as after all she reenacts game and movie heroines.




Stepan is very used to modelling with lovely women such as irina, in facts he is so used he was confused when his co-star on this photoshoot was trying to run away from him (for the sake of Tomb Rider shoot).


 No need to say, this is not recommended because there are no other bears such as Stepan, so don’t try this at home or your local forest!