Best Cinema 4d Designs Inspiration Series (August 2016)

Every month we brings you the best digital design created in Maxon Cinema 4d. This tool is most commonly used in broadcast design industry.

If you are interested to learn Cinema 4D here’s some top resources website for beginners.

You can click on each title to view details of project and follow their artists.

1. 2016 China Music Awards Opening (Morpheus Qiu)

2. TURKEY COUP-PROOF (Muhammad Naveed)


3. n3workshop tribute artboards (Serge Aleynikov)

cinema 4d inspiration august 2016

4. TF1 Ident Bumpers (Thisisframe)

cinema 4d inspiration august 2016

5. Curriculum 3D (Benjamin Benhaim)

cinema 4d inspiration august 2016

6. Labelexpo Americas (MORPHINE Motion Graphics)


cinema 4d inspiration august 2016

7. Russian Helicopters, projection mapping


8. Genesis (Phil. M)

9. Elements (Dennis Schäfer)

10. IQ Robots

11. Motul Commercial – Breakdown (Andrey Voytishin)


12. Premier League / Bundesliga 2016 Promo (Nahuel Salcedo)

13. CYCLE (Kouhei Nakama)